Spinneret: Twisted Web’s Silk Spinner

Release v0.1.2.

What is this?

Spinneret is a collection of higher-level utility classes and functions to make writing complex Twisted Web applications far simpler, it is designed to easily integrate with existing Twisted Web projects for things like the improved IResource implementations.

Why is this one different?

While I think Klein is a fantastic library—and a terrific source of inspiration—there are some fundamental aspects I disagree with, not to mention Spinneret includes a number of other utilities to make other aspects of Twisted Web development easier. However, using Spinneret to enhance your Klein (or any other Twisted Web) application is not only trivial and perfectly reasonable but also encouraged!


$ pip install txspinneret

Or to install the latest development version:

$ pip install git+git://github.com/jonathanj/txspinneret